Pre K Arts and Crafts That Kids Will Love

These Pre K arts and crafts are perfect for those cold mountain winter days!

When you have little ones or run an in-home childcare program, it can be a challenge to keep kids entertained for hours! At the pre-kindergarten age, children need to be stimulated with creativity that will help their mood, learning, and imagination.

Educators and parents alike are constantly on the hunt for new Pre K arts and crafts projects that will keep kids occupied and, most importantly, that the kids will look forward to doing. Let’s take a look at some of the best, most fun projects that children of a young age will love to do.

Hand Print Penguin Feet

pre k arts and crafts penguinsFor this oh so cute project, all that you will need is some black and orange foam paper, safety scissors, glue, googly eyes, and construction paper. Using the black foam paper, cut one large oval for the penguin’s body, and two elongated smaller ovals for the arms. Glue the pieces together accordingly. With the orange foam paper, trace both of the child’s hands, cut out, and glue them on as the penguin’s feet. Use whatever color construction paper the child chooses to cut out a scarf for the penguin. Glue on the googly eyes, let dry, and you have a fun project that has a bit of the child’s personality to remember forever!

Be sure that each child names his or her penguin and tells a story about it to keep the creativity flowing!

Cotton Ball Snowman – The Ultimate Pre K Arts and Crafts Project

pre k arts and crafts snowmanThis fun winter snowman requires plenty of cotton balls, construction paper, safety scissors, popsicle sticks, glue, and any other fancy decorations that you may have lying around. Help the child draw the outline of a snowman on a sheet of construction paper, and show them how to glue on cotton balls to make the outline of a snowman. Then, demonstrate how the child can add a dab of glue to the bottom of additional cotton balls to fill in the body. Use the popsicle sticks for arms, and cut out a hat and scarf from construction paper. Use the decorations to make eyes, buttons, or even a pipe. The kids will love this entertaining winter project. An added bonus?

After all of the glue has dried, have each child name their snowman and tell everyone else a story about the “person” they have created!

Create Cork Stamped Snowflakes

pre k arts and crafts snowflakeThis perfect winter project is one that the children will have tremendous fun doing!

You will need corks, blue construction paper, a white paper plate, safety scissors, white paint, and silver glitter paint or glitter glue. Fold the blue paper in half four times, then cut it into a snowflake shape. Pour a little bit of each of the paints onto the paper plate, and show the children how to dip the corks in and make a stamp that they can decorate the snowflake with. You can glue the finished project onto a colorful sheet of construction paper if you like.

While the kids are working, tell them a story about how when a real snowstorm happens, no two snowflakes are alike – just like the original ones that they are creating!

Children in a Pre K childcare program will have the absolute time of their lives with these fun arts and crafts projects. In addition to helping build fine motor skills, it encourages their creativity and allows them to imagine stories and scenarios for what they are doing.

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Happy Crafting!