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With MyVillage, you will:

Build a Step-By-Step Plan

  • Kick off your membership with orientation, all online and with a class of peers
  • Build your step-by-step plan to start the child care program of your dreams
  • Take the time you need to bring your plan to life, with MyVillage mentors and experts alongside you

Tools & Resources

  • Attend unlimited online group classes and workshops to learn, grow and achieve our goals
  • Make sense of your state's complicated licensing requirements with support from MyVillage
  • Get business tools and resources (handbooks, enrollment forms, safety guidelines, curriculum...and more)
  • Understand those confusing business, budgeting and tax questions
  • Complete online COVID-Ready Certification Course

A Community of Support

  • Get unlimited online support from mentors and experts for all your questions
  • Connect with online community of other home-based educators to share tips and tricks
  • Continue learning and developing your career as an early childhood entrepreneur
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