4 Fun Art Projects for Kids that Colorado Parents Love

Inspire your little ones’ creativity with these fun art projects for kids

Keeping little ones busy with creative and challenging activities can be daunting. Whether you’re running a in-home childcare program or you’re a stay-at-home parent, chances are you’re always on the lookout for fun art projects to occupy and educate the kids. Particularly as the season here in Colorado begins to turn chilly.

Here are four super fun art projects for kids that will keep their little hands busy and their minds thinking creatively, no matter the weather.

No Mess Color Mixers

fun art projects for kids no mess paintingNo mess, you say? Every early childhood educator and parent’s favorite phrase! This fun art project is suitable for young toddlers, but it can be adapted to engage older children as well. It’s a great, low-prep indoor option if you’re stuck at home during a Colorado snowstorm.

You’ll need a few different colors of paint and a good quality Ziploc bag. Add some paint to the bag, squish the air out as much as possible, and then seal it tightly. Allow your child to smoosh and poke and squeeze to his heart’s content! Talk about the texture and feeling, name the colors, draw shapes, letters, or numbers in it with your fingers. For older children, experiment with color mixing.

This idea came from the blog No Time for Flash Cards. Check them out for step-by-step instructions and fun photos!

Rainbow Suncatchers

Too cold to get outside and enjoy the sun? Bring some brightness into the house by making colorful suncatchers with your child. All you need is some contact paper and a few different colors of tissue paper. The end result of this fun art project for kids can be displayed in your window to brighten up any room.

Lay the contact paper sticky side up, and let your child place small pieces of tissue paper on it. Older children can work on their scissor skills to cut pieces, or simply tear little bits off. Once your child is happy with his array of tissue paper, decide on a shape: flower, heart, triangle, etc. Sketch the shape with a marker, and then cut inside the lines. Punch a hole in the top, add a bit of yarn, and voila! You have a beautiful suncatcher to hang up!

You can also make a suncatcher with a construction paper border. Check out this blog post on Felt Magnet for more suncatcher and other fun art projects for kids possibilities.

Nature Collage

fun art projects for kids natureKids love collecting rocks, sticks, and leaves, and Colorado’s landscape certainly lends itself to exploration. Here’s an easy way to turn nature into a fun art project for kids.

Next time you’re out for a walk in nature, let them collect anything that catches their eye. Bring a bucket, a bag, or have them stuff their pockets. Back at home, gather the art supplies and let the creativity flow.

The possibilities are endless: use a blank sheet of paper, a cardboard box, paper plates, or whatever you might have on hand. An easy way to preserve leaves and flowers and avoid messy glue is to build the collage on contact paper. Lay the sticky side face up, and your child can press all her treasures into any shape she wants. When her masterpiece is complete, stick the contact paper to the surface of your choice, or lay another piece flat on top to make it translucent.

Art project for kids idea courtesy of Family Maven. Click here to visit the original post.

Pasta Necklaces

Pasta art projects are a traditional joy that never get old. There are tons of crafts you can do with dried pasta! A classic art project for kids is to make pasta necklaces. Bonus: the process of stringing noodles is an awesome way to sneak in some fine motor skill practice for little ones.

Raid the pantry for some macaroni, penne, or other tubed pasta, some food coloring, and a few Ziploc bags. If you have some rubbing alcohol, grab it too (it helps the food coloring on the pasta dry faster). Place the pasta in a bag, add 3-4 drops of food coloring, and a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol (optional). Seal the bag, and shake, shake, shake! Your kids will love getting their wiggles out shaking up some pasta. Just be sure it’s sealed tightly!

Once everything is coated, carefully pour the pasta out onto a tray lined with paper towels to dry. Once completely dry, you’re ready to string some pasta! Help your child cut a piece of yarn, tie a large knot at one end, and start adding the pasta. Use this as a chance to teach patterns, or just let the creative juices flow. When the string is full, make it wearable by tying both ends together.

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