Salaried In-Home Child Care Provider

Income: $30,000+

Make going to work the best part of your day.

About MyVillage

Love kids? Love being part of a community? Join MyVyllage: an exciting start-up that has a powerful & inspiring vision for transforming child care.

There’s a solution to the childcare crisis. It’s MyVillage, a new way to solve a very old problem: how to create the safe, loving and affordable spaces that lead to more successful lives for our community’s children.

MyVillage was founded by two moms who are deeply committed to improving childcare to create better outcomes for kids. After speaking to hundreds of early childhood experts, teachers and successful child care providers, we realized that the most important factor in childhood development was the loving connection between a child and a care provider.

We’re building a team of awesome, loving people who are committed to supporting kids — maybe someone like you!

How We Support Our Care Providers

We know it takes a Village to succeed. When you join MyVillage, you’ll immediately get connected with a mentor: an experienced care provider who already runs a successful business, and is committed to helping you succeed. From Day One you’ll work closely with your mentor to learn all the legal ins and outs of setting up and running your business. You’ll also get a wealth of wisdom about how to be a powerful role model for kids and their families.

This support and sense of belonging pervades our culture. We’re a group of inspiring and motivated people who are committed to supporting each other and making a genuine difference in the lives of our communities and children. We know we can’t do it alone. We need to work together, and we’re all willing to roll up our sleeves and support each other in order to succeed.

About This Role

We don’t want a babysitter. As a MyVillage Community Leader, you’ll deliver a Harvard-approved evidence-based, child-led curriculum and care platform that is specifically designed around cognitive and social development. You’ll be there every step of the way, as you educate up to 6 or 12 children ages 0-5 through the formative moments of their life.

Being a Community Leader also means acting as a trusted resource to parents. You’ll check in regularly with parents, keeping them updated on the development of their child, communicating with clarity, authenticity, and love. Don’t worry if you have never run your own business: we’ll provide you with training and resources you’ll need to keep your program full and profitable. Soon, you’ll find yourself at the center of a thriving community of kids and parents, helping to support them in creating their own happy homes.

Best of all, as a Community Leader, you’ll join our fast growing community of other care providers that is stretching across the nation. Your dedicated mentor will provide you with personalized advice and support, especially in the early days, as you build your business. You’ll never feel alone in our supportive, positive culture of inspiring parents and professionals, working together to make a meaningful difference in the lives of our communities.

What We’re Looking For

  • You have a genuine love for children. Kids are your passion. You love the joy of teaching new ideas and watching them register in their eyes. You’re a natural caregiver who doesn’t think twice about planning meals, cleaning up messes and negotiating arguments over naptime. You put your heart into everything you do.
  • You are an excellent communicator. Empathy is your middle name. You know how important it is to keep parents involved in all the moments of their children’s lives, even if it’s over text message. You are responsive, positive and enthusiastic. 
  • You have the courage to take on any challenge. You’re not deterred by a fear of failure. You’re motivated by the possibility of success and the rewarding feeling of knowing you took a chance. Plus you love learning new skills and are motivated by the belief that you can take on anything! You’re passionate, resourceful and have a strong sense of self. You know that, at your core, you are a Community Leader.
  • You love being part of an inspiring team. You always have time to support other people, and you love being genuinely supported yourself. You thrive with great mentorship, and you love using storytelling to inspire others to grow beyond themselves.
  • You’re willing to commit to your work. You care tremendously about creating a great environment for kids, and you’re willing to do it day in, day out, with a smile on your face.
  • You believe in meaningful work where you can make a real difference. Child care is the lifeblood of every community. We believe that helping our child care providers thrive is the secret to creating strong, tolerant communities with opportunities for everyone. The thought of being part of building this movement gets you excited every morning.

The Fine Print

  • You live within 30 minutes of Boulder, Colorado or Bozeman, Montana, in a safe, hygienic home that can accommodate young children.
  • You are committed to completing our training program, meeting our ongoing education requirements and becoming a licensed family home provider in your state.
  • You are willing to consistently meet or exceed our health & safety standards, follow our guidelines for curriculum and uphold our values and code of conduct.
  • You love being part of a team making a real difference in the world.

Let's Connect

Send us an email at [email protected]. We’ll get the ball rolling from there!

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