Top 5 Questions: How Do I Start a Home-Based Child Care or Preschool?

Starting a home-based child care or preschool can be scary, but also rewarding with the right guidance

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Fill 1Created with Sketch.Mar 23, 2020

When someone comes to MyVillage for an initial conversation, we frequently hear this sentiment: “I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but I didn’t know where to go to get answers to my questions.” The process to start a home-based preschool or child care business can seem overwhelming. To help, we made a list of the top five questions we’ve received from people just like you.

Question 1: Is my home suited for running home-based child care or preschool?

Each state has different rules to consider for licensing, but most likely your home is already suited for child care. If not, it probably could be with only minor alterations. Realistically, one of the biggest hurdles you might have is in getting approval from your HOA or landlord, rather than an issue with the property itself.

Fear not! Our Mentor network will give you hands-on support to prepare for licensing, and to teach you how to create an exceptional and engaging space. If you’re worried about the aesthetic of a home-based preschool, don’t be. Yes, your home will be different. But we’ll help you design your space so you won’t have to choose between living in it and running a successful home-based child care program.

Question 2: Am I qualified to run a home-based preschool?

Most people think they need to have experience as a teacher or in the early childhood education space to be qualified. This is simply not true! To be qualified, you need to be a loving, caring, and attentive adult who has a passion for small children.

We have the resources, knowledge, and expertise to guide you through the rest. MyVillage provides curriculum options and training to ensure you’re leading a high-quality program focused on child-led learning and development.

Question 3: How much money can I make as a preschool owner?

The amount of money you can expect to make will mainly be dependent on your rates, the size of your program, and your location. While ultimately yours to set, we guide you in finding rates that maximize your income while providing high-quality care that’s affordable for families.

In an experience that is unique to MyVillage, we also have professional photos were taken of you, your home, and your program. We take the best pictures to build your website and begin marketing your home-based preschool program. After opening your business, you’ll use our interactive software platform to invoice families electronically so you save time and receive payments on time. We’re here to help you run your business so you can hit your salary goals and have a fulfilling career.

Question 4: What does MyVillage do for preschool providers?

We have a team of expert child care providers (Mentors) in your area who are eager to support and assist you. Your Mentor will guide you through everything from getting licensed and setting up your space to selecting your curriculum, filling, and operating your program.

Once you join us, your Mentor, our team, and the entire MyVillage community will be there every step of the way. Successful providers in our network also have the opportunity to advance their career (and increase their earnings) by becoming a Mentor themselves someday.

Question 5: How do I start a home-based child care or preschool?

The first step is to schedule a phone conversation with our Enrollment Coordinator so we can understand the challenges you’re facing in getting started and how we can help you. We’ll also give you a full understanding of the steps and process to open a licensed, home-based preschool or child care. Click here to learn more and schedule a call or simply fill out the form below to schedule a quick 15-minute call.