Holiday Gift Ideas for Teachers

Here’s a list of ways to give to the early childhood teachers and caregivers who give to us all year long.

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Fill 1Created with Sketch.Dec 10, 2021

There is no time like the present to care for our caregivers! That’s why MyVillage is giving away 10 $1,000 Target gift cards on December 21, 2021. Be sure to share this link: with any caregivers in your life so that they can get entered to win the MyVillage December Reward and monthly rewards to come!

Here’s a list of ways to give to the early childhood teachers and caregivers who give to us all year long. MyVillage is grateful to Allison Woods, an administrator for the Highlands/Denver Child Care Group for sharing her words of wisdom and inspiration.  

  • Cash: According to Allison, “Daycare center teachers likely make only $11-15 dollars an hour. I highly recommend giving cash this year vs. gift cards or gifts. Most of these teachers will need extra cash around the holidays to simply buy gifts for their families or maybe even pay some bills. Lead teachers should get $30-100 and assistant teachers $20-50. You can ask the director of the center who/how many people are regularly in your child’s room.” 
  • Give them a break: Allison said, “In a nanny or nanny share situation the standard is said to be one week's salary. For some families, that is a big stretch! If you can’t afford one week’s salary, I recommend a few paid days off.”
  • Volunteer to take some work off their plate: You can volunteer to deep clean the classroom, put up a new bulletin board, do a craft or story with the children, or prep materials for the next classroom activity.  
  • Group gifts: Allison recommends finding other families from the childcare to go in with these gifts if the price tag starts to get too steep!
  • Subscriptions: Fun subscriptions like Cause Box, Feeling Fab, or The Sill will make your child’s teacher light up month after month!
  • Words of appreciation: Allison has this last tip, “All of these gifts should be accompanied by a letter of gratitude for what these caretakers provide for you. If you simply cannot afford to give anything extra, this letter will still be greatly appreciated.”

Be sure to share the MyVillage rewards program with all of the Early Childhood teachers and caregivers in your life. MyVillage is a place for them to get the benefits and rewards that they deserve all year long. This month MyVillage is giving away 10 $1,000 Target gift cards to show our appreciation! Sign up for the chance to win at