Want to open a licensed daycare? Check out these four tips.

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Do you have questions about how to start your own home-based child care? Whether you’re curious about the requirements to become a state-licensed daycare provider, how long the process takes, or even what it’s like to have a business from your home- we have the answers! We spoke with our MyVillage Licensing Specialist, Jamie Kochevar, to help answer your burning questions. It’s your business, your way, with our support. Check out some MyVillage tips below. 

How do I open a licensed in-home daycare?
To become a licensed home-based child care educator you must complete the required state applications and any required by the city/town you live in as well.  Required pre-service training courses or orientation is required to be completed prior to an inspection by the state department.  You must also have your home/program set up for your child care with all the required materials and safety precautions.  Each state has rules and regulations that must be met prior to being approved for a license. 

How does MyVillage help with licensing my program? MyVillage has expert licensing specialists and tools to assist a new educator with all the steps required to get licensed and successfully open high-quality child care, much easier and in a quicker timeframe than going it alone.  One of the biggest challenges with getting licensed can be navigating the licensing application or the local requirements specific to your home or location. MyVillage has a Licensing Support Specialist to lay out exactly what is required in your specific area so that you don't have to navigate that on your own. In addition to staff support, MyVillage has modules, tools, resources, and community workshops available!

How much does it cost? The cost to open a program depends heavily on where you live. It can range from $130 - $300 in Montana or $300 - $600 in Colorado. These fees comprise of the licensing application fee, zoning approval fee (if applicable), the business license fee (if applicable), training classes, and background checks. This does not include the materials you may need to purchase for your program in order to operate. MyVillage has helped many educators who run MyVillage programs with scholarships that help them open their doors.

How long does the process take? From start to finish it can take 60 to 90 days to get your program open and licensed, but no fear! MyVillage is here to make the licensing process as seamless and easy as possible. Whether you have unanswered questions, need additional support, or even need help working closely with the state our team is here for you. With MyVillage, some educators have taken as little as 6 weeks to have their program licensed by the state and open, that could be you too! For others, it can take months...or even deter people from starting the process altogether.

If you’re curious about opening your own MyVillage program, take the first step today. Check out the 'Start a Program' page on our website, and click the 'Take the Next Step' button. Once you fill out the form on the website someone from our Educator Enrollment team will get in touch with you. Now just might be the perfect time to venture into a new opportunity with MyVillage.