MyVillage Educator Spotlight: Brittany Schultz

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Fill 1Created with Sketch.Jul 31, 2020

It’s easy to see why young children love being around MyVillage educator Brittany Schultz. She’s full of life, giggles, and positivity. Brittany brings a spirit of creativity and adventure to everyone she meets. In her care, there is such a thing as a home away from home.

Brittany lives in Commerce City, Colorado with her husband and three children. It’s also where she spent six years working in the public school system. While it had always been a dream of Brittany’s to own a child care program of her own, whenever the idea would come to her, she always felt it was too much to take on. Nonetheless, she always kept it in the back of her mind. And then, COVID-19 unexpectedly showed up. As cases began to climb, classroom doors began to close. 

For Brittany, it was hard to see a safe path returning to a crowded classroom setting. As an early education teacher, she began exploring new ways she could help her community through teaching. It clicked for Brittany one night as she casually scrolled through Facebook and saw an advertisement for MyVillage. She thought this might be the opportunity to provide meaningful, life-changing early education from home while also providing care for her own children. She reached out to the MyVillage team and within a couple of weeks, she was ready to begin touring her program to families in her community. 

After working as a teacher, Brittany felt ready to create her own learning environment. To Brittany, impactful early education isn’t defined by a rigid schedule or strict academics, but by children being able to be children: learning through play, using their imagination, and growing into confident, kind little humans. It’s something she had always strived for, a goal, even her purpose – and now, it’s what she gets to do every day through MyVillage. 

The best part of Brittany’s day is being home with her own children while also being a bonus mom to all the other children in her program. Sure, caring for young children means more mouths to feed and more diapers to change, but she sees them as an extension of her family, and there is no shortage of love. Brittany says she’s most proud of getting licensed by the State of Colorado as an early childhood educator. Many educators find this to be a really difficult task without an advocate like MyVillage helping guide them through the process.  

After working as a teacher tethered to a strict schedule, Brittany says she is loving the freedom of being a business owner. She feels she is now becoming the educator she always wanted to be. Her friends and husband have all remarked on the confidence she’s gained since the day she accepted a better career for herself and her family.

"I worked in public school for 6 years and I never got recognized,” Brittany explained. “I've been with MyVillage a handful of weeks and I've been appreciated. I see it, my husband sees it,  MyVillage is part of me now, and if I left this community, something within me would be missing." 

Brittany reminds all of us at MyVillage that in this community, we raise each other – and we always will.