Instructor Spotlight: Justin Connor

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Meet Justin Connor

We are going to let you in on one of MyVillage's worst-kept secrets: Justin Connor has a heart the size of the Montana sky (so, like, BIG). Another non-secret: she can't help but share it.

Justin is who you call when you get engaged. Or see a commercial with babies in it. Or when you're rewatching Babe for the 112th time. Or when you see a family of ducks crossing the road. know, it would actually be much more efficient to list the times when you wouldn't want to call Justin because that list is short. If you don't want to someone to ugly-cry** with you while you watch dog-human reunion videos, don't call Justin. If you don't want to be instantly enveloped in warm fuzzies or swept up by a golden wave of unadulterated love and empathy, don't call Justin.

We at MyVillage are incredibly fortunate to have a human being like Justin on our team. If you've taken a class with her, you might know how good it feels to have Justin on your team (an unavoidable side effect of taking a class with Justin is that she's automatically on your team and there's nothing you can do about and frankly why would you want to?). We asked her some questions and got some extremely adorable photos of her and her family that you can see if you start scrolling down this page, but if you really want to get to know Justin, take a class with her. We're pretty sure you'll be glad you did. But be warned— there will be warm fuzzies. So brace yourself 💖 

**Justin has never ugly-cried in her life. Even with tears on her face she looks like Aphrodite in a pre-raphaelite painting. If you get lucky enough to watch dog-human reunion videos with Justin, there will be two of you crying but only one of you will be ugly-crying and it will not be Justin.

Kids? Dogs? Cats? Other critters you can claim as dependents?

My daughter Rev (3), Dogs: CC (1), Luke (12), Cats: Bubba (1), Seea (6 weeks)

What is your superpower(s)?

Positivity. It gives hope and purpose to others when they need it most and leads others to their highest level of accomplishment.

What’s something big you’ve accomplished and what were your first steps to accomplishing it? 

Meditation. First step was reading, listening to podcasts all about medication and the benefits. Then I read a book on how to meditate. It has changed my daily outlook on stressful situations as well as myself!

What is your favorite class to teach at MyVillage and why? 

My Vision, the class is full of possibility. There isn't a right or wrong way of envisioning your program.

What are your roots? What were you doing before MyVillage? 

Working with families and empowering them to advocate for their children and themselves

On my days off you can find me...

By the water.

MyVillage came for the empowerment, stayed for the community.