Instructor Spotlight: Bridget Uzzelle

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(Re)-introducing...Bridget Uzzelle

If you've taken a class with Bridget (you lucky dog!) you know firsthand what a warm, bright, tireless, problem-solving machine she is. You may have heard about her three (very cute, very rad) daughters, or her impressive professional rapsheet in the education field (NOLS instructor, kindergarten teacher, public school principal, childcare provider and business owner...we could go on). But there is a lot about this ultra-running, Dolly Parton-loving, Energizer Bunny that you don't know (like her ticklist of graduate degrees, which she would never tell you about and she will no doubt be embarrassed that we are telling you about them now, but what are friends for if not to shamelessly brag about you in public? It's cool, we'll apologize later maybe). We're here to change that.

This obviously isn't all there is to know about Bridget, but if we know one thing for certain it's that Bridget Uzzelle is a person worth knowing, and you gotta start somewhere.

Kids? Dogs? Cats? Other critters you can claim as dependents?

Edie, 13, Rose, 10, and Kate 6 and Ace the boy dog! (age 4)

What is your superpower(s)?

I think maybe “hanging on”? I don’t think I am necessarily the fastest at running or the quickest at problem solving….I think I can hang on (and even suffer a little bit 😂) really well. Ha!

What’s something big you’ve accomplished and what were your first steps to accomplishing it? 

1. Not swearing while getting three kids out the door in the morning. 😂

I don’t think you can say that (too late, B, we said it)…. so maybe working on a cool, calm, and collected headspace for the morning shuffle with three kids. Some mornings are better than others! Letting go of perfection and leaning into strong coffee, deep breaths, and executing on out the door!

2. Running 50 mile runs in the mountains and figuring out child care and nursing babies and full-time work and all that stuff in order to train. First steps: picturing myself accomplishing the final run and working backwards from there. If there is a day that is hectic with work and kids and I fall back a little with training- don’t sweat it (pun intended). Returning to the habit is what matters, not perfection.

What is your favorite class to teach at MyVillage and why? 

The budget class. It is fun to show the numbers to people of what they can earn and where their choices are with number of kids, rates, and all that.

What are your roots? What were you doing before MyVillage? 

Wrangling kindergarteners for a bunch of years. Teaching a K-1 combo class in public school in the desert. Being a principal of a K-8 community school. My absolute favorite age is the kindergarten year and plus or minus 1 year. That whole stage. I LOVE it. So transformational. And my youngest daughter finishes kindergarten next week! 😭

On my days off you can find me...

Running in the mountains in Montana, playing in our family canoe with the girls, brewing dark coffee, and talking to my sister and/or mom and dad on the phone 1x/day.

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