Educator Spotlight: Kathy Gance

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Fill 1Created with Sketch.Nov 16, 2020

At first, marketing wasn’t easy for Kathy Gance. Actually, it was her biggest challenge when opening up her program. She worked diligently with MyVillage, learning how to market herself- posting on websites, getting advice from our experts, and even learning how to talk about her program. It wasn’t until months later, that Kathy found the courage to knock on doors in her neighborhood. Now, Kathy has a full program and a growing waitlist. 

Her small town of Roxborough, right outside Littleton, Colorado is a close-knit community full of families commuting into Denver and other areas. As the COVID-19 pandemic began, her program never stopped. “All the families in my program had to work. I have families in the medical industry, first responders, you name it- each one of them is an essential employee of some kind.” Kathy continued, “When this all started, I felt guilty. So many people were struggling financially, yet here I was doing the best I had ever done.” Before joining MyVillage, Kathy worked in a large manufacturing facility. “I wonder all the time, had I not made this leap to join MyVillage, to open my own child care program, would I be employed right now? Factories are closing due to COVID-19. I just made the move at the perfect time.” 

Kathy has four children of her own. A very proud mother, she knew that working with children was not only her passion but a dream. As for finding MyVillage? “It was the best thing that could’ve happened to me,” she said. Kathy had no idea where to start, so she searched online, how to start your own daycare, and found that MyVillage outlined all of the questions she had. “After getting to know the team and the company itself, I fell in love.” Thinking back on her hurdles and highlights, Kathy said, “Even when filling my program was difficult, I felt a sense of ease knowing that MyVillage was with me and supporting me.”

Kathy, shy at first, developed the confidence and skills to start and run her own business. Starting from bare-bones and a dream, she’s created a program that families and children flock to daily. Kathy is an example of the type of entrepreneur we know and love. She is gritty yet patient, strong yet nurturing- she’s driven because she wants and needs it to work. Witnessing Kathy find that voice that makes her so strong has been a privilege and knowing Kathy is a gift. Thank you for sharing your light with our community, Kathy, it’s appreciated more than you know!