Five Fun Project Ideas for Kids in Preschool

Here are five fun project ideas for kids you can incorporate into your educational time for your preschoolers.

These fun project ideas for kids are the perfect way to spark creativity and wonder in your preschoolers

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Finding fun project ideas for kids can be challenging, especially on cold or rainy days when outside play may not be possible. Your home daycare may also have children of varying ages which can be its own challenge.

Here are five fun project ideas for kids you can incorporate into your educational time for your preschoolers.

Dinosaur Projects

If your kids love dinosaurs or that happens to be your theme for the week you will love these four fun dinosaur projects. Kids can make pipe cleaner or popsicle dinosaurs, Create an adorable triceratops or even make your own dinosaur eggs. Create your own path through dino-land with some dino footprint stamps. It’s easy. Just purchase some flat sponges, cut out a dino footprint shape and stamp your way across the paper.

Bring it all together with these fossil footprint cookies!

Little Scientist Fun

If you have some science lovers in your group then you will want to get out your science equipment and get ready to explore these super cool science project ideas. Create your own lava lamp and combine colors with science in your learning. Learn about gases with the baking soda and vinegar balloon experiment and make some raisins dance.

If you like to eat your science projects here are three projects where you can do just that. Make butter, eat some dinosaurs and make rock candy. YUMMM!

Want more edible fun for the kids? Watch this Sci-Fi Guys at Home video and make your own ice cream.

Arts & Crafts

Here are some fun project ideas for kids on cold, snowy days. You don’t have to be super crafty to make these adorable handprint penguins or cotton ball snowmen.

If your forecast is bringing you rain instead of snow, tissue paper rainbows and clouds are a perfect tie-in with a weather theme. Here is what you need:

  • Paper plate 1/2 per child
  • Cotton balls
  • Tissue paper streamers – purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Cut wide enough to fit across the straight cut edge of the plate. 12″ long
  • Glue
  • String for hanging

Glue cotton balls on the paper plate. Glue or tape the tissue paper strips to the back of the long, straight edge of the plate so they hang down. Tape a string loop for hanging on the back.

Cooking With Kids

This is always a fun kids project idea and can be tied into so many themes. If you are doing a theme on different countries, such as Italy, make your own English muffin pizzas.

Vanilla sugar cookies can be decorated to go with any holiday. Use green sprinkles for St Patrick’s Day, pastels for Easter, red sprinkles for Valentine’s day and red and green for Christmas. You can also let them make their own snack with donut hole skewers. All you need is donut holes, blueberries, pineapple chunks or cut up fruit like strawberries. Let them put what they want on their skewer.

Nature Projects

Colorado and Montana are a beautiful places to explore and learn about nature!

Go on a nature walk and gather up leaves, twigs and other small collectibles. Give each child a shoebox and let them great a diorama of where they were and the things they saw. You can use small plastic animals or let them create their own from clear or color and cut them out.

You can find some awesome kids’ nature crafts in this Creative Kids video including a bug village, dragonfly art and much more.

Get Busy Creating!

These ideas should get your creative juices flowing when you need some fun project ideas for kids in your home daycare. If you want more ideas, check out our blog for tons of fun projects for kids and be sure to follow us on Facebook.