Educator Spotlight: Tricia Shields

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Fill 1Created with Sketch.Dec 23, 2020

Tricia Shields of Parker, Colorado, answered the MyVillage virtual meeting room for her Educator Spotlight with a baby on her hip. An expert at multitasking, she managed to answer each question not only thoughtfully but methodically, all while caring for a baby who wouldn’t go down for her nap.

It’s very clear within the first few moments of chatting with Tricia that her work-ethic is potentially the strongest thing about her. She’s dedicated to her child care program for so many reasons, but one of the main reasons is because she built it on her own. Tricia always knew that she wanted to work from home so she could spend more time with her children. She wasn’t sure how she would make it possible, nor how she could be successful at it. Starting her own home-based child care program from her home was only a dream and one that she thought about often. She had no idea how to do it and the steps she did know she had to take seemed too big to take alone.

Tricia worked in the medical industry before she joined MyVillage. While she sat at her desk longing for an out, listening to Pandora radio, she heard an ad for MyVillage. As she put it, “I literally turned the volume up and thought to myself there is no way that this is real! This is exactly what I need.” As she recalled the memory you could hear the excitement in her voice. “I immediately went to the website and requested a chance to learn more.” It was in no time that Tricia was working with MyVillage to get her program open. From a minor remodel, HOA restrictions that MyVillage helped clear up, and licensing Tricia opened her child care program. “I feel so lucky to have the families that I do in my program. We’re a little family of our own. I show up each day to be the very best for all of these children.” Tricia would talk about the families in her program all day if she could. “They helped make my business successful. Without them, I wouldn’t have a business right now.”

Tricia didn’t necessarily identify as an early childhood educator before she joined the MyVillage community. She was a mother and a hard worker. “Erica and Beth are really what inspired me. Working moms who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit- that is what impressed me the absolute most. The way they ran MyVillage, the way they empowered me, I knew I could do it because of them. It’s special to have that, to get the chance to watch it, and then to do it for yourself.”

Tricia Shields wasn’t an educator before she became a great one through MyVillage. She had a calling, a dream, a moment where she longed for more and she chased it. With or without knowing it, Tricia is an entrepreneur in her own right. One that we’re really, really proud to know.

Never lose that Tricia, the ability to adapt and grow- it’s a guiding light that so many of us follow here at MyVillage.