Educator Spotlight: Katie Carrillo

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Fill 1Created with Sketch.Oct 16, 2020

Katie Carrillo had some hesitation about starting her own home based daycare program, but the size of her quaint home was not one. She was excited to have a childcare program in her 900 sq ft. house. She ventured into different second-hand shops and sites to find quality toys and program materials that she knew would fit perfectly inside her program as well as match her vision.  

Finding MyVillage by happenstance felt more like a calling than it did an accident. As Katie says, “I was looking for nanny jobs online because COVID-19 really changed the direction of my career. When I found MyVillage and talked with the team my goals totally changed. I felt like I could really do this - own my own business, and help families in my community.” Katie worked in the classroom before COVID-19. She knew that her true passion was helping children learn and grow, but felt like she wanted more freedom to run a unique program. “I have family members who run home-based programs. I always thought it was what I was going to do once I started to have children of my own. It's the perfect way to make money but also stay home with my own children,” Katie explained. The day she had a conversation with the MyVillage team she found out she was pregnant. “It was like the entire universe was telling me to do this! I knew that it was my time, and if not now when.”

When you ask Katie what she is most proud of, it’s her space. “I worked so hard to make this space how I wanted it.” It’s carefully crafted, and thoughtfully done. She continued, “my husband helped me around the house. I would say it’s totally kid-proof now.” Living in a smaller home, Katie’s program lives and works in the heart of her and her husband's space but that is no hindrance. “It’s still our home and I am lucky that I can run my business from it,” Kate said smiling. 

“Getting licensed is such an intimidating task. Getting help and feeling motivated by MyVillage really made this entire process pretty seamless.” With the help of MyVillage licensing experts, Katie was able to successfully license her program with no hiccups. “Looking back, it’s such an accomplishment to be licensed,” Katie said confidently. 

Katie is a perfect but realistic example of a MyVillage educator, for so many reasons. She’s a go-getter, a self-starter, and her passion for children truly shines through. Having Katie in the MyVillage educator community is such a gift and MyVillage is happy to have her.