Our story

We're harnessing the power of community to create exceptional care for every child.

We’re two women who don’t believe that “the way it is” is the way it has to be.

Ever since we became moms, we’ve experienced first hand the struggles that families have in finding affordable, high-quality childcare. We also learned how hard a care provider needs to work to make ends meet. After spending time abroad, we also truly came to value the role that community plays in helping children thrive.

That’s where our vision was born – to rebuild the village of care in our communities. We created MyVillage as a solution that works for everyone: kids, families and care providers. To get there, we’ve consulted early childhood education experts at Harvard, spoken to hundreds of care providers around the United States, and drawn on our own experience as successful founders of socially good start-ups.

We believe that happier providers mean happier kids. Happier kids mean happier parents. Happier parents mean happier communities. And happier communities mean a better world.

We invite you to build the Village with us.

Erica & Elizabeth

MyVillage Co-Founders

Learn the story behind MyVillage and what makes our community of in-home educators so exceptional.

Our Team