5 Fun School Projects for Kids

Plan these fun school projects for kids for hours of creativity and fun!

Nurturing the imagination and seemingly endless energy of preschoolers can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. There are tons of fun and engaging projects for preschoolers that can be done in a home-based education program. Here are five ideas for fun school projects for kids you can plan today:

1. Build A Stick House Project

For this activity, you’ll need craft sticks, glue, paper, and crayons or markers. To introduce the activity, read a book about a house, like the classic Three Little Pigs story. Have the children tell you what shapes make up a house, what their own houses look like, and who lives in houses.

Then, have children use their craft sticks to create the frame of a house to glue to paper. Once the house has been constructed, they can decorate it with crayons or markers, adding people, flowers, trees, or more. As they work, encourage your students to talk about what they are creating. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the scenarios they create!

2. Car Park Numbers Game for Preschoolers

Help kids learn their numbers in a fun and engaging way with this fun school project. Set up one area with numbered parking spots. You can draw parking spaces on a large cardboard box, or designate a corner of the room to place some masking tape parking spaces.

Number each space, and then tape a corresponding number to small cars. Children can then work to match the cars to their correct spaces. Check out this post for photos and more details. This works well for as a guided activity with a small number of children or as an activity center for your students to work at independently.

3. Sticky Tissue Paper Art Project

Sticky tissue paper art sounds much messier than it really is. It’s actually an easy project to set up, with minimal mess. You’ll need contact paper, cut or torn pieces of tissue paper, and tape.

Peel the backing off of the contact paper and then tape it, sticky side out, to a window. Let the kids place their pieces of tissue paper in any pattern they want, and watch as they discover how sticky that paper really is. They might spend more time feeling the stickiness with their fingers than they do creating art, but either way, they’re learning about texture and color. See more contact paper art here.

4. Fun Color Mixing School Project

Help your preschool students understand the concept of color mixing with this easy activity using colored water. Start with the primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. Give children an eye dropper and a small container with separate bowls, like a mini muffin pan, an egg carton, or a small paint tray. Allow kids to mix colors with their dropper, discovering the new hues that develop.

Pro Tip: Keep a discard bucket nearby so your young artists can start fresh when needed!

5. Mosaics Project for Kids

This activity can be adapted to many different levels and needs. Mosaic art develops basic scissor skills, proper glue usage, and depending on age level and goals, pattern and shape creation.

You’ll need construction paper, some pre-cut and some larger sizes, glue sticks, and safety scissors. One variation for younger kids is to have children glue pre-cut mosaic pieces into an outlined shape. For example, the first letter of their name. Older children can work on cutting their own mosaic pieces and creating collages or shapes from their imagination. Check out more preschool mosaic project ideas here.

MyVillage is committed to helping parents find the best education and care for their children. Check out our blog for tons of fun projects for kids, including these preschool science projects and dinosaur DIY projects. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect activities for your little ones. Happy creating!