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Coming soon! Access exclusive benefits and rewards created for early childhood caregivers to save money, time and sanity.

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    Get access to renown virtual speaker events and bite-sized videos to manage the toughest situations with kids.

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      Even though early childhood caregivers are responsible for 90% of brain development in kids, the system doesn't value them for the impact they truly have. Connect with thousands of others like you to share, laugh and grow as a united workforce.

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        We’re two women who believe the "way it is" isn’t always the way it should be.

        Erica and Beth are two moms (and experienced entrepreneurs) who know firsthand how hard it can be to balance kids, work, and the constant stress of managing life. They started MyVillage with a vision - to create the largest community of early childhood caregivers where they can earn rewards and benefits to save time, money, and sanity.

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